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  • Women agents of a microcredit institution show their daily collection on an electronic device. Photo by by Sudipto Das, 2013 CGAP Photo Contest.
  • A group of women traverse dunes to to reach a market. Photo by Tuan Kiet Pham, 2014 CGAP Photo Contest.
  • A woman smiles with her maize harvest. Photo by Hailey Tucker, 2014 CGAP Photo Contest.
  • A village elder shares a light moment with his grandchildren. Photo by Sudipto Das.
  • An artisan is selling his woven stools outside a railway station. Photo by Sandipan Majumdar, 2014 CGAP Photo Contest.
  • A man sorts plastic pieces to be sold to plastic parts manufacturers. Photo by Probal Rashid, 2014 CGAP Photo Contest.
  • Women receive their loan from a loan officer. Photo by Nayan Sthankiya, 2013 CGAP Photo Contest.