ILO Guide on Responses to Support the Recovery and Reconstruction Efforts in Crisis-Affected Areas in Indonesia

Step-by-step guides to undertaking planning and implementation of reconstruction efforts

This document consists of twelve short guides describing a number of activities that contribute to the promotion of both social and economic recovery, and livelihoods, in the tsunami affected areas of Indonesia.

The guide explains each activity, and outlines the 'why', 'how', 'when' (or when not) and the challenges to implement them. The guides also provide information on:

  • Employment and business related interventions;
  • Opportunities and limitations of relevant ILO approaches and methodologies for socio-economic empowerment through employment-oriented strategies;
  • The issues critical to implementation of the activities;
  • Contacts for further information.

The guides cover the following activities:

  • Building of a basis for employment and enterprise development, such as skills training;
  • Short-term employment options, such as cash for work, food for work, etc.
  • Business development options, such as microfinance and micro and small-enterprise development and women entrepreneurship development.

The guides mention the following requisites for successful implementation:

  • Area specific rehabilitation activities;
  • Support from the local people;
  • Flexible design of interventions;
  • Transparent and fair interventions and communication;
  • Collective benefit to the communities.

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