Asia-Pacific Financial Inclusion Summit: Advancing Financial Inclusion in a Digital Age

Event location: 
Hanoi, Vietnam
21 Mar 2017 - 22 Mar 2017

The Asia-Pacific Financial Inclusion Summit is the region’s premier thought-leadership event on financial inclusion – today’s opportunities and challenges of the future. A series of thought-provoking plenary discussions and break-out sessions will examine key issues stakeholders face and actions required to promote positive change and inclusive economic growth, including:

  • What influences the varying levels and growth of financial inclusion across the Asia-Pacific region?
  • How are stakeholders across the financial ecosystem responding to and harnessing digital disruption to stimulate growth and protect clients?
  • How will financial inclusion empower the poor and disadvantaged to participate in the transformation occurring throughout the regional economy?
  • Where can we see breakthroughs that give women access to finance, control over their economic circumstances and the ability to fully participate in the regional economy?
  • How should we define financial inclusion today and where is financial inclusion headed?

Conference Fees:

  • USD 400 (USD 500 after 13 February 2017)
  • Registered Charity/NGO or BWTP member - USD 200 (USD 300 after 13 February 2017)


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