Africa Board Fellowship

Event location: 
Cape Town, South Africa
10 Nov 2016 - 19 Apr 2017

The Africa Board Fellowship (ABF) program activities, structure, and content have been designed to create an open atmosphere that allows for frank discussion among peers. The program fellows identify their objectives for the program and then work with a program advisor on achieving those goals. Additionally, the fellows have access throughout the six-month program to a participant-led virtual community forum with tools, resources, content, and access to subject-matter experts.  The six-month program is anchored by in-person seminars of 2-3 days at the beginning and end. At the conclusion of the program, fellows stay connected as alumni, providing a network of leaders confronting similar challenges.

The ABF program is for board members and CEOs of institutions working toward financial inclusion throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The program requires an institutional commitment and suggests that the board chair, CEO and at least one other board member attend the fellowship program. Ideally, at least the board chair and CEO would attend together as part of the same class and then additional participants from the institution can join future classes. 

Topics covered include:  

  • Managing sustainable growth;
  • Technology trends and innovations;
  • Risk management strategies; 
  • Succession planning; 
  • Alignment of interests;
  • Crisis management; 
  • Conflict resolution; 
  • Navigating compeitive environments; 
  • Client protection;
  • Social performance.

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