Uganda Microfinance Industry Assessment

Case study
Date Published: 
Jan 2008
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The history and current status of microfinance in Uganda

This report presents the status and dynamics of Uganda'’s microfinance industry. It provides an overview of national economic performance, financial sector dynamics, and the regulatory environment, which is essential to the understanding of the performance of the microfinance industry in Uganda.

The first part of the report provides an overview of the country, which focuses on the population and demographics as well as the macroeconomic situation, the financial sector, which focuses on the history and development of this sector and barriers to access for the poor, and the microfinance industry, which includes the emergence and growth of MFIs and the role of the government.

The second part focuses on the regulation of financial services and funding sources in addition to the impact and social performance of the microfinance activities. The section on the regulation of financial services analyzes the effect of specific legislation, such as the Micro Finance Depositing Taking Institutions Act, 2003, and the Financial Institutions Act, 2004.

The last part of the report discusses opportunities and challenges, such as the potential areas for growth and development, promising innovations and other opportunities, challenges facing the industry, and the future outlook of the industry. The report concludes by noting how Uganda'’s microfinance industry is quite mature and resilient and how sector and institutional evolution will shape the long term future of this industry.

Case study