Microfinance Internships in Nepal

Location of Job: 
Kathmandu, Nepal
06 Feb 2018
17 Sep 2018
About the organization: 

Indra Micro Enterprises is a Social Business for Empowering Rural Women in Nepal though various microenterprises in Nepal. Indra Micro Enterprises aims to connect village-based rural women entrepreneurs to larger market platform, providing them the opportunities to grow their Micro Enterprises business for their socio-economic development. The organization aims to transform sustainable community development via microenterprises development in Nepal.

About the Job: 

Microfinance Internships in Nepal is great opportunity to work in grassroots level microfinance institutions (MFIs); working for socio-economic development of local women group and promoting self- sustainable micro-enterprises in Nepal. Through these internships, the interns will be able gain practical work experience on how small businesses are benefiting from microfinance, meet and interact with inspiring local women and hear some of their success stories.

The interns in this program will be working directly with grassroots level MFIs and women groups to learn the entire process of microfinance operations, impact of micro-credit loans, and micro-enterprise development programs in rural villages. The intern will conduct various field visits to meet inspiring women micro-entrepreneurs, research work on microfinance for sustainable development and self-sustainability of micro-enterprise development in the country.

The interns will get involved in:

  • Village field visits to learn MFI operation in Nepal;
  • Meet beneficiaries locally on ground;
  • Help in business planning and research success stories;
  • Running training programs;
  • Assist in the admin work of local MFIs;
  • Conduct research for the MFIs program development;
  • Help in program implementation for the local MFIs.

Program Fees and Duration:

  • USD 545 (for two weeks)
  • USD 645 (for three weeks)
  • USD 745 (for four weeks)
  • USD 845 (for five weeks)
  • USD 945 (for six weeks)
  • USD 85 (extra week)

The fee includes pre-departure information, airport pick-up, accommodation (with a host family), three meals daily, orientation, 24-hour support from staff, certification of completion and project donation.

How to Apply: 

Interested candidates may apply all year round at [email protected]

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