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Location of Job: 
Madison, Wisconsin
28 Nov 2016
23 Dec 2016
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About the organization: 

Envest is a microfinance fund linking socially and environmentally conscious individuals and institutions with the opportunity to support microfinance entrepreneurs in the developing world. It is dedicated to making financial services universally available by bridging the gap between microfinance and financial markets using financially sound market mechanisms and expanding the scope of microfinance to include the financing of appropriate sustainable technology. Envest targets the world's economically marginalized populations by lending primarily to small (Tier three) microfinance institutions with assets under USD 10 million.

About the Job: 

Envest represents an opportunity for a recent graduate to gain experience in an exciting and niche field. Each team member is very involved in all aspects of the business: decision making, partnership management, reporting, financial management, event planning, accounting, marketing, governance, etc. 

Envest is looking for someone who is willing to relocate to Madison, Wisconsin and take an entrepreneurial approach in terms of salary. The salary for the Fund Associate is USD 36,000/year. The target salary is much higher. However, Envest is a very small fund and lacks the revenue stream to support the salary that would be commensurate with a highly qualified financial professional.

Tasks and Responsibilities: 

  • Due Diligence and Preparing Loan Recommendations;
  • Financial Analysis:
    • Analyzing and comparing MFI financial statements;
    • Running financial models and scenarios;
    • Calculating key financial metrics for each MFI;
    • Drafting text to explain the partner’s financials.
  • Partner Analysis:
    • Researching the partner MFI;
    • Analyzing the MFI’s loan products;
    • Researching its history, operation, team, model, and social impact;
    • Drafting text to explain the partner as an organization;
    • Communicating back and forth with partners via Skype and email;
    • Modifying contracts for new partners.
  • Country Analysis:
    • Researching the economic, political, and currency environments for each country;
    • Drafting text about the current situation in each country and explaining the associated risks.
  • Reporting and Tracking:
    • Tracking MFI key financial indicators over time;
    • Presenting indicators in a clear, concise document;
    • Classifying partners based on the financial indicators;
    • Tracking Envest portfolio growth by country and industry sector.
  • Marketing:
    • Updating the website;
    • Creating quarterly newsletters;
    • Attending sustainable investment conferences and events;
    • Creating informational marketing material for potential investors.
  • Decision Making:
    • Participating in discussions about loan disbursements.
  • Accounting:
    • Managing QuickBooks.
  • Raising Assets:
    • Working on investment offering documents and other investment documents;
    • Updating capital accounts;
    • Issuing disbursements.
  • Management:
    • Participating in board meetings;
    • Presenting at annual meetings.
  • Random tasks that everyone on the team does:
    • Mailing newsletters;
    • Compiling board meeting packets;
    • Filing documents;
    • Preparing for the Envest Annual Meeting.


  • Undergraduate degree in business;
  • Understanding of financial statements and key performance metrics;
  • Strong Microsoft Excel skills;
  • Fluent in English with the ability to read/write in either Spanish, Russian or French;
  • Passionate about sustainable development;
  • Sees financial markets as a way to promote social justice and environmental sustainability;
  • Willing to relocate to Madison, Wisconsin;
  • Interested in the global economy and global politics.
How to Apply: 

Interested candidates should apply by sending their resume to the Envest Management Team (all three email addresses provided below) with cover letter, short video, or presentation explaining interest. Creativity is welcome in the application process. Other documents that demonstrate the candidate's talent are welcome. Applicants must be qualified to work in the US.

Jon Bishop: [email protected] 
Laura Dreese: [email protected] 
Mackenzie Schnell: [email protected]

North America