Certification of Technical Service Providers for Microfinance Institutions

Location of Job: 
11 Jan 2018
15 Feb 2018
About the organization: 

DAI is an international development company. For more than 45 years, DAI has worked on the frontlines of international development, tackling fundamental social and economic development problems caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and instability. Currently, DAI is delivering results that matter in some 80 countries. The organization’s development solutions turn ideas into impact by bringing together fresh combinations of expertise and innovation across multiple disciplines. Its clients include international development agencies, international lending institutions, private corporations and philanthropies, and national governments.

About the Job: 

The purpose of this assignment is to create a pool of qualified Technical Service Providers (TSPs) capable of providing high quality and affordable technical assistance to MFIs in Ethiopia. This is to be achieved through partnership with the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) and, through the development of a certification program for TSPs in specific thematic areas such as risk management, deposit mobilization, product development, etc. The program should be designed to ensure it can be sustained by AEMFI or a local reputable institution(s).

To ensure sustainability, the program must consider and develop a strong business case and value proposition for AEMFI, the certifying organization and the TSPs.


  • 3.1 Produce standardized high quality training materials/packages for five top training areas below:
    • Product development;
    • Customer service and relationship management;
    • Business planning and strategy formulation;
    • Risk management;
    • Deposit mobilization.
  • 3.2 Develop TSP certification scheme in-line with international best practice to be co-branded in partnership with AEMFI:
    • Detailed course contents and supporting tools /materials such as guiding manual, handouts, overheads, schedule, delivery modality and others, on the selected five priority areas;
    • Pre & post course tests, course evaluation tool, and monitoring mechanisms.
  • 3.3 Screen, select, train, mentor and certify TSPs:
    • Screen, grade and select TSPs who best fit for the certification scheme in particular areas of expertise;
    • Train and mentor TSPs on packaged products (five priority areas) and packaging of new products (standard procedures, techniques, tools & others), and general TOT skills;
    • Equip TSPs with value proposition development and selling skills in order to build their own market;
    • Certify TSPs up on successful completion of capacity building program in-line with the pre-defined accredited certification criteria.
  • 3.4 Develop AEMFI’s capacity to carry out future TSPs certification programs by building on going partnership with the international certifying organization:
    • Co-branding of certification;
    • Packaging of training materials;
    • Updating training modules;
    • Branding and marketing of TSPs certification scheme;
    • Screening, grading and selection of potential TSPs;
    • Validating capacity of certified TSPs and refreshing the skill sets of certified TSPs;
    • TSPs certification scheme implementation and management framework.
  • 3.5 Develop a model for ongoing quality assurance for the co-branded TSPs certification scheme.

Invitation to Submit Proposal:

AEMFI and EP invite qualified international certifying organizations to submit a proposal for a co-branded program to certify TSPs that are capable of providing technical services to MFIs. Interested certifying organizations who have standard, internationally recognized certification scheme shall provide financial and technical proposals demonstrating their capacity and approach to perform the assignment, accompanied with clear supporting documents, including:

  • Organizational structure and ownership;
  • Experience in similar tasks: In-depth knowledge of MFIs capacity development & management of related tasks, and accredited certification scheme for MFI technical service providers;
  • Description of similar assignments undertaken, preferably in developing countries;
  • Good knowledge of the financial sector in Ethiopia or experience in other African countries will be an asset;
  • Number, qualification and experiences of key consultants available for the assignment;
  • Methodology to be deployed to accomplish the assignment;
  • Knowledge and content of certification courses per identified training areas;
  • Strategy to improve the capacity of AEMFI to ensure continuity of co-branded TSPs certification program;
  • Timeline required to certify 20 potential TSPs (as 1st batch);
  • Financial proposal with detailed breakdown;
  • Renewed and appropriate license, etc.
How to Apply: 

Interested candidates should submit their proposal or any queries to [email protected] with "Proposal for The Certification of Technical Service Providers for Microfinance Institutions – FIN 25" in the subject line, no later than 15 February, 2018 (before 5:00PM EAT).