Pakistan has a population of about 179.2 million, and around 21% of Pakistan’s population lives on less than USD 1.25/day. Around one-third of the adult population does not use any type of financial products or services by formal or informal providers. This proportion is higher for rural inhabitants, females, and people residing in the provinces of Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

The State Bank of Pakistan is the central bank. As per EIU’s Global Microscope on the Microfinance Business Environment 2013, Pakistan’s microfinance industry is ranked at third position. Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that have a separate legal and regulatory framework for microfinance banks. The country is generally considered to have one of the most enabling environments for microfinance regionally and globally.

The State Bank of Pakistan mandates that all microfinance banks educate their clients on the terms and conditions of all their products and institutionalize a procedure for dealing with client complaints.

Key Economic Indicators
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Population: 179.2 million (2012)
GDP: 225.14 billion USD (2012) 
GDP growth: 3.6% (2013)
Currency: Pakistani Rupee
% population on less than USD 1.25/day: 21% (2008)
% population on less than USD 2/day: 60.2% (2010)
The World Bank
Financial Inclusion Indicators
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% of population with account at formal institution: 10% (2011)
% of population with loan at formal institution: 2% (2011)
% of population with savings at formal institution: 1% (2011)